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Mobile app integration provides you with innovative ways to perform tasks. With the Smart Deskpal mobile app, you can seamlessly integrate with enterprise app or back-office Enterprise Resource Management (ERM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and accounting software to improve your field service management.

Connect the field to customers, colleagues, and the rest of your company easily with Smart Deskpal. It gives you and your technician’s high accessibility to crucial information they need while on the go, whether it’s simply checking a schedule or billing information. It’s a lot smoother and flexible than toggling between apps because working in real-time saves up to 20% work time and gives your business the edge over the competition.

Features of our mobile application

Remain connected on the field
Perform managerial tasks on the go
Avails clients access to their service timeline
Available on Android or iOS
Quit manual data entry

Perform managerial tasks on the go

Smart Deskpal mobile app is flexible, responding to changes with significantly greater ease. You can remotely obtain and analyze information at anytime and anyplace. Our mobile app empowers you to manage rosters, view job progress, monitor on-field personnel, send estimations, etc. Your company may be handling installation projects; Smart Deskpal caters for your organization throughout the lifecycle that may involve the development, implementation, and maintenance of units, and complex building systems. You can also use our app to manage preventive maintenance contracts and emergency repairs within a unified system.

Real-time electronic updates

The faster the sharing of data between the administrative office and the field personnel, the faster conversions are effectuated. And that is why our mobile app automates the flow of information between office and field in real-time, streamlining business operability to make your enterprise more accurate, reliable, timely, and available to all departments.

Receive payments, anytime & anyplace

Smart Deskpal mobile app facilitates breezier, easier, and secure payments when you’re on the go. Our transaction levy of 2.9% is considerably lower than Square or PayPal, resulting in savings in thousands of dollars per annum. Smart Deskpal payments also synchronize with multiple payment options such as Authorize.NET and Stripe.

Generate on-site estimations

Our mobile app allows you to generate estimations via prototypes on your smartphone on the go. You can email or print the quotations instantly. This ensures that you’re providing a differential service ahead of your competitors.

Work offline

An interesting feature of Smart Deskpal mobile app is that when the network signal is low or there is no internet connectivity, you can continue transmitting data. Whenever connectivity is reinstated, the app is immediately synced with the database and makes updates that can be viewed by crew members, ensuring that the information remains intact and is never lost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Smart Deskpal is a field service management software that is optimized to cater for the needs of various industries such as HVAC and Refrigeration, Fire And Life Safety, Security System Businesses, Medical Equipment Businesses, IT & Communications Service Firms, Construction Companies, Oil & Gas Enterprises, Electrical Contractors, Facilities Management companies and lots more.




Field service management is the practice of coordinating field service operations, including the scheduling of work orders, dispatching servicemen, tracking work hours, job statuses, and invoicing completed tasks.



Smart Deskpal is available on Android and iOS devices. The availability of our software on your smartphone devices makes it easy to set up and manage team activities on the go. Even better is the fact that the program synchronizes automatically with our web application, making sure that your crew is kept in the loop every time.




No matter the size of your personnel, Smart Deskpal helps you simplify your operations by automation. It also helps you manage personnel activity to boost your enterprise’s productivity, increase revenues, and facilitate customer satisfaction.



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Integrations Built for your Workflow

Smart DeskPal seamlessly integrates with your favorite apps and software so you can focus on what you do best—running your business.


PayPal makes it easy to get paid securely wherever you do business. Collect payments in the field or online.


Process all major credit cards and get paid fast with Square. Collect payments online or use the free Square reader to get paid in the field.


QuickBooks is easy-to-use online accounting software for small businesses. QuickBooks organizes all your bookkeeping and accounting.


Accept payments online or in the field with Smart DeskPal Stripe integration. Stripe handles billions of dollars in transactions every year around the world.