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The majority of field service programs provide capabilities for scheduling and dispatch. However, these programs do not make provision for billing and invoicing. Thus, field technicians will have to handle data entry paperwork after returning to the office. Fortunately, Smart DeskPal Invoicing Software provides the ideal solution to this.

The Smart DeskPal Invoicing solution was designed to be able to handle billing and invoicing. Using the solution, field technicians can record their time and materials using the mobile app. This can be converted into an invoice easily. The staff members in your office can make necessary edits, sync the invoice with QuickBooks, and forward a copy to the customer.

Highlights of Smart DeskPal Invoicing software

Some of the highlights of using the Smart DeskPal Invoicing software include:

Create invoices anywhere, anytime
Create personalized invoices
Quickly create or import your price lists
Reusable invoice templates (item group)
Send emails or print invoices with just a click
Easy Integration with QuickBooks

Create Invoices Anywhere, Anytime

With the Smart DeskPal Invoicing solution, business owners and field technicians can create invoices and billings from the office, truck, or anywhere. This is very easy and can be done using a computer or via the mobile app. The Smart DeskPal solution will automate and quicken the whole billing process. With this, the days of spending hours on billings will be a thing of history. You can now send invoices and billings to customers before leaving the job site!

Custom Designed Invoices

Also, the Smart DeskPal Invoicing solution can be used to create custom-designed invoices. This is very useful for businesses that have an existing invoice design. Also, the Smart DeskPal Invoicing software features powerful customization options. With this, you can design personalized invoice layouts for your brand. In case you don’t have any existing invoice design, we will provide you with professional invoice templates. All you need to do is to add your company information, logo, and terms and conditions. Once done, the new invoice will be ideal for your business.

Send Email or Print Invoice with a Single Click

Sending emails or invoices to customers using the Smart DeskPal Invoicing solution is quick and easy. You send the invoice as emails to customers immediately. You can also print the invoice and send it to customers who prefer hardcopy. Also, subsequent or recurring invoices can be automated and sent out on a specified schedule.

Integrates with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop

Unlike some programs that can only integrate with QuickBooks Online, the Smart DeskPal Invoicing software can integrate with both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. Without doing any additional work, you can easily integrate your accounting right into the Smart DeskPal software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Smart Deskpal is a field service management software that is optimized to cater for the needs of various industries such as HVAC and Refrigeration, Fire And Life Safety, Security System Businesses, Medical Equipment Businesses, IT & Communications Service Firms, Construction Companies, Oil & Gas Enterprises, Electrical Contractors, Facilities Management companies and lots more.




Field service management is the practice of coordinating field service operations, including the scheduling of work orders, dispatching servicemen, tracking work hours, job statuses, and invoicing completed tasks.



Smart Deskpal is available on Android and iOS devices. The availability of our software on your smartphone devices makes it easy to set up and manage team activities on the go. Even better is the fact that the program synchronizes automatically with our web application, making sure that your crew is kept in the loop every time.




No matter the size of your personnel, Smart Deskpal helps you simplify your operations by automation. It also helps you manage personnel activity to boost your enterprise’s productivity, increase revenues, and facilitate customer satisfaction.



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Smart DeskPal seamlessly integrates with your favorite apps and software so you can focus on what you do best—running your business.


PayPal makes it easy to get paid securely wherever you do business. Collect payments in the field or online.


Process all major credit cards and get paid fast with Square. Collect payments online or use the free Square reader to get paid in the field.


QuickBooks is easy-to-use online accounting software for small businesses. QuickBooks organizes all your bookkeeping and accounting.


Accept payments online or in the field with Smart DeskPal Stripe integration. Stripe handles billions of dollars in transactions every year around the world.